What I Love Most About You


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What I Love Most About You


This gorgeous keepsake book is the perfect Valentine's Day present.

Take a minute and ask yourself this question: how often do you tell the special people in your life exactly what it is you love about them most? How often do you identify what's good about your friends, spouse, lover, or children and actually put it into words so there can be no doubt? Most of us don't take the time to find the good and praise it - we don't even know how.

This little book is designed to change that. Intended to be a token of affection in our busy lives, it's a tool that can promote real intimacy and all its rewards by helping us to catch our relationships at their best, to take a snapshot of what is the happiest, most wholesome and wondrous about the people in our lives. This book serves as a prompter, a reminder and it can be seen and shared.

"What I Love Most About You" is in a small gift format, with both pre-made and do-it-yourself elements. Between the pages you will find a long list of attributes that enable readers to highlight and asterisk, personalising it for the one they love.

Included also are blank pages for special notes, love aphorisms and illustrations. It is the perfect expression of love, even when one isn't sure how to express it.

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