Wall Stickers Coco Printemps


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Wall Stickers Coco Printemps
Wall Stickers Coco Printemps
Wall Stickers Coco Printemps

50.5cm x 70.5cm sticker sheets

ADHESIVE: the adhesive used for the Home Stickers is "guaranteed foodsafe", which means that the adhesive used is guaranteed non-toxic.


CONTENT OF EACH PACK: each pack contains two sheets that allow you to reproduce the model shown in the instructions.


WASHABLE? Home Stickers are made of paper, so they are not washable. Wipe them dry with a non-abrasive cloth.


PACKAGING/ SHEETS: Home Stickers packs contain 2 identical sheets for all the models. Together the two sheets allow you to create the model illustrated on the wallet.


PAPER: Why are Home Stickers printed on paper? What are the advantages?

All the other decorative stickers on the market are printed on vinyl.

Nouvelles Images has chosen to print the Home Stickers on paper because:


  1. • Paper gives a natural, warm look to the Home Stickers, there is no shiny effect like with stickers printed on vinyl.



  2. • The paper guarantees an excellent print quality as well as a superb rendering of the pictures and colours; others stickers are mostly a single, uniform colour.



  3. • It allows any unevenness in the surface of the wall or support to be covered up when putting up the sticker and therefore gives a more attractive final result.





  1. - Clean the surface on which you wish to put your Home Sticker.



  2. - Peel each motif from the sheet and place it on the wall without pressing it on, to see if the position is right.



  3. - If it is, stick it to the wall, pressing and rubbing HARD on the motif with a cloth.



  4. - If it is not, remove each piece carefully and reposition it until you achieve a result that you like before sticking the motifs down.



REPOSITIONABLE? The Home Stickers are not repositionable, which means that once they have been put up (after they have been pressed down), they can no longer be peeled off and placed elsewhere.


SURFACES on which the Home Stickers can be placed?



Home Stickers can be put up on any clean, smooth, dry surface. Ideally: painted walls, doors, panes of glass, metal… It is recommended that you clean the surface before putting them up. Materials such as concrete or unpainted plaster are not suitable.


Can they be removed?


The adhesive used allows the Home Stickers to be removed without damaging the surface underneath.



Is it possible to stick the Home Stickers on wallpaper? Yes, if the wall is smooth, the Home Stickers will adhere perfectly and they will look good, but it is not recommended - if the wallpaper is not good quality, when the Home Stickers are removed, marks may be left on the wallpaper.

If in doubt, take a piece of the Home Sticker from around the motif and stick it on a part of the wall that is usually hidden, wait a few days and then remove it to see what happens.


Why are My Home Stickers are coming unstuck?



There could be 3 reasons for this:


    1. - The wall on which you have stuck them was dusty, dirty or damp: clean and dry the surface before putting them up.



    2. - The wall is not smooth, but rough (rough plaster, even slightly textured wall paint): Home Stickers will not stick properly on this type of surface



    3. - You did not press hard enough on the Home Stickers when you put them up (see Putting up). It is not too late to do so.





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