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Luxury has a new look!

A fashion first, PISIDIA has spent years perfecting its use of silicone to create a product that is soft to touch, flexible and yet remarkably robust and water-resistant.

This material has a worldwide patent that is EXCLUSIVE TO PISIDIA. Meaning that you can rest assured that your uniquely elegant accessory will not be seen everywhere else.

As well as being versatile, silicone is durable which means that your PISIDIA accessory will be long lasting. 365 days of colour, who wouldn’t love that kind of commitment!

This clutch in Teal Blue is constructed of ultra-touchable silicone. Take it from day to night with all of these great features;

  • Internal lining
  • Six pockets
  • Removable snap lock wrist strap
  • Removable snap lock shoulder strap
  • Zip and snap lock closure
  • Signature PISIDIA hardware
  • Dimensions: 27 x 14 x 2cm

Pisidia Leather and Silicone Tote

Sharp lines. Modern materials. Colour on colour. This is PISIDIA.

At the heart of PISIDIA is the determination to create luxurious, modern fashion accessories. PISIDIA’s silicone is soft to touch, yet remarkably robust and water-resistant, enabling the designers of PISIDIA to create luxuriously durable women’s hand bags and accessories. Each and every PISIDIA piece is meticulously crafted from the highest quality silicone and hardware.


As the world’s second most abundant element, after oxygen, silicone provides a sustainable alternative to oil based plastic materials.

Inspired by the unique properties of silicone, PISIDIA spent years perfecting its use, and were the first to develop silicone that could be sewn.

While silicone resists scratches and stains, each PISIDIA product can still be easily cleaned without worry of the material losing its shape. Since silicone can withstand temperatures ranging from 240° F down to -40° F, a PISIDIA handbag can withstand extreme weather elements of the wind or sun.

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