Koziol "Froschkonig" Frog King Bottle Opener


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A kingdom for a bottle opener! Frog King stands proudly on his own two feet and opens bottles effortlessly thanks to his matte stainless steel mouth.

Fans of design will be familiar with this Koziol product that won an award in the International Design Yearbook.

12.5cm high x 6.5cm long . 2.8cm wide.


The company’s unique history is closely linked to the Koziol family. In 1912, the father of founder Bernhard Koziol established the Erbach craft pottery, then in 1927 Bernhard opened his own ivory carving workshop. In 1950 Bernhard Koziol gets stuck in a snowdrift in his Beetle, he looks through his rear windscreen. In the unreal snow flurry he sees three deer, inspiring the Koziol Dream Globe®. The idyllic snow-balls conquer the world and remain one of the most fairytale-like memories to many of us. In 1980 at the age of 71 and after more than 52 years of successful enterprising activity, Bernhard Koziol retires and hands over his life's work to his sons Bernhard and Stephan. Under the leadership of his sons, the product range is gradually altered. Worldwide contacts to famous designers such as Alessandro Mendini, Mariscal, Peter Naumann or Platt'n Young give the range important impulses. The idea of creating a fashionable accessory from a no-interest-item is thereafter often featured. To mark the millennium shift, the complete range is completely revised. From now on, the items are produced in high-quality acryl, forms are emphasized and "koziolised" even stronger.

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