GORJANA Gold Plated Acacia Ring


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Gorjana Gold Plated Acacia Ring

Gorjana Gold Plated Acacia Ring

Gorjana Gold Plated Acacia Ring

Band ring with large cutout charm in the center. Charm is 3/4" wide. 18k gold plated.

As Seen (NY Magazine)

Use a ring that fits you to determine your ring size. Place your ring over the nearest size circle. The inner edge of the ring should align with the outer edge of the circle. If your ring appears to fit between two sizes, buy the larger size.

Liberte Silver Etched Disc Ring  (Style R038)

Gorjana Jewellery

Gorjana, born in Yugoslavia to a Pastry Chef and engineer was an eclectic blend of her influences - eccentric yet simple, imaginative yet structured. She was interested in the finer details of things and spurred on by her creativity, began creating her first pieces. At age seven, Gorjana's family moved to Canada. She spent these impressionable years creating belts, jean jackets and more influenced by the rising Pop Culture.

The family relocated to the United States during Gorjana's high school where she was discovered by Ford Model & Talent and exposed to the world of high fashion catwalks and photo shoots. Armed with a knack for designing, wicked fashion sense and a husband with a keen business mind, Gorjana just finished college in 2004 when the Gorjana contemporary collection was fashioned. The pair hit the road, forging their way to make what Gorjana is today,

Gorjana, carried by the finest boutiques in North America and Japan can be accessed everywhere else Online. Gorjana collections are featured in Lucky and Instyle magazines and worn by celebrities Sienna Miller, Cindy Crawford, Jessica Alba and others.

Gorjana is classy yet funky and is targeted at any woman that can carry them off. They are innovative and exclusive in a non-extreme sense.

Much is still expected from this designer because although Gorjana is far from the beginning, her journey is still far from the end.

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