Fashion Dogs


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Fashion Dogs is a fun, trendy book about dog style. Burberry, Hermes, Vuitton - to name but a few - all have canine clients, and more and more magazines are dedicating style pages to the world's favorite pet.

The image of man's best friend dutifully carrying slippers to his owners has been replaced by the pampered pooch, a well groomed, superbly dressed pet.

This book captures the growing doggy obsession in a unique combination of archive pictures and contemporary photographs: find out what kind of dog Winston Churchill loved; see the priceless portrait of Yves Saint Laurent's canine painted by Andy Warhol; see how Gwyneth Paltrow and her dog radiate elegance; discover which dog Chanel has chosen to showcase their watch; along with many more images. Fashion Dogs is the perfect gift for dog-loving fashionistas everywhere.

Hardcover. 80 pages.





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