ZOE BONBON "Tour de Cou!" Opaque Resin Necklace

Zoe Bonbon

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The jewellery sensation sweeping France is now available in Australia. We are proud to introduce to you the Zoe Bonbon range.

Opaque resin beaded short necklace in multi-colour with Zoe Bonbon engraved charm button.

Satin ribbon tie closure means that this necklace can be adjusted to your desired length.

Handmade in France. All necklaces are unique and colours will vary.

Her early career included working as a designer for the world renowned Rochas, while her husband, Pierre, was the sales director for a record company. But in 2003, Zoe and Pierre made the bold decision to leave the craziness of Paris life, and settle in the more relaxed countryside region of Saone & Loire.

Hidden in their cocoon, the couple embarked upon their new venture. They started creating natural seashell bracelets and resin necklaces which were screen printed using an old traditional method that is still a well guarded secret. It all started quite simply, assembling some old buttons, just for fun. The first collection sold out in one day!

Word spread, and the next thing they knew was that Galleries Lafayette - the biggest French fashion retail store in France – was asking for samples to sell. From then on, Zoe Bonbon’s range thrived, becoming increasingly popular with locals and tourists alike. New ideas were constant and continual and new collections were released. Quite suddenly what had started as a kitchen industry, was well on its way to becoming a major fashion brand with international recognition.

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