Miz Casa & Co Revitalising Weighted Blanket Grey

Miz Casa & Co


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This weighted blanket will soothe you when you're feeling restless. Designed to help you feel refreshed in the morning and stop you from having a bad nights sleep. 

Following on the technique of deep touch pressure stimulation to treat various conditions, such as anxiety, studies have shown how effective deep touch pressure stimulation can be at treating stress and sleeplessness.

Micro glass beads are considered one of the higher-end weighted blanket fillers. They are an environmentally friendly alternative to poly pellets and are also completely hypoallergenic. 

Feel comforted, cosy and relaxed with this high quality weighted blanket. As your stress and anxiety drifts away you'll be feeling sleepy in no time...

- Measurements: 150cm x 200cm 

- Fit for a queen size bed 

- Weight: 7kgs

- Grey

- Soft touch 

- Quilted stitched design 

- Great for all year round

- Breathable cotton outer

- Polyester fill 

- Micro glass beads inserted for weight 


- Improves sleep

- Reduces the effects of stress and anxiety 

- Holistic and natural



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