Happy Jackson "Great Big Bag Of Stuff" Tote

Happy Jackson


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Happy Jackson

Happy Jackson


This is a bag for life! If you're looking for an extremely large bag to take to the beach, to carry your shopping, transport a big pile of clothes or just hide a mountain of junk then this Great Big Bag Of Stuff from Happy Jackson is just the thing.

Featuring the bold and colourful style of Happy Jackson, the blue bag has yellow handles for easy carrying, as well as a zip so you can be sure everything is kept safely hidden inside.

Made from woven synthetic fibres, the bag is sturdy but can be easily folded up to take up hardly any space when it isn't being used. "Great Big Bag Of Stuff" is written on each side, making it comical as well as practical!

Dimensions: 49 x 57 x 27 cm


Happy Jackson

Happy Jackson is a new design-led brand from Giles Andreae and Heather Flynn. An exciting fusion of fun, uplifting words with a bold, colourful, on trend look. Happy Jackson…It’s a beautiful thing.

When Giles sent Heather his sketch of a curious little pug, it was the beginnings of a beautiful thing. This little dog sparked a whole heap of ideas – big colours, playful words and fun patterns. It was the kind of stuff they both loved and wanted to create.

Giles got busy writing, Heather did a lot of colouring in and, some time (and a lot of coffee) later, they had what they wanted – a look that really made them smile.They called it Happy Jackson.

This grumpy little pug had come a long way and, having partnered up with some of the best product people in the business, he can now be found on a whole heap of fantastic stuff.

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