Fossil Women's Emma Rfid Mini Leather Wallet - Floral Multi / White



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  • Dimensions: 4"W x 3.50"H x .50"D
  • Snap Closure
Sometimes a lady just wants the basics without all the frills. This Fossil wallet is perfect for that! With a little bit of class and sophisticated leather exterior, this wallet is sure to impress. From purse to diaper bag this wallet is made to hold up against the busy life of the bustling lady. With its 3 pockets you can hold everything that is dear to you and everything you need to get going. This wallet is perfect to keep your essentials safe on the move while still having a standout style. Ladies, we know you want to shop without breaking the bank, and this wallet is perfect to hold the extra cash that you will have after getting such an amazing deal on it! Where to keep your wallet: Keep this wallet in your daily purse, bag, or even a diaper bag. This wallet is extremely flexible in terms of where you can carry it, and it really doesn't care as long as you love it! This wallet can even be carried in your pocket on days where you just want the bare minimum. What to keep in your wallet: Keep those very important credit cards, baby pictures, and all your rewards cards to your favorite stores. Please be sure not to over-stuff the wallet as over-stuffing can damage the seams. If the seams are damaged then, your whole wallet may fall apart, meaning you could lose all those important cards and your family pictures. IF LOST: Make sure that you check your drawers, your purse, grocery store, stroller, the kitchen counter, and the area in your car that's between the seat and the console. If you are unable to find it there, please make sure that you cancel all credit cards and contact your bank. Also, make sure to contact the proper authorities.

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