Heatweaver Ladies Fleece Lined Thermal Gloves

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When it gets cold out, you need a good pair of thermal Gloves to keep your fingers toasty warm. That's why Heat Holders has created these extra warm Gloves complete with their plush thermal fleece lining called Heatweaver. This silky, soft lining doesn't just feel luxurious, it also assures you of cosy fingers in the harsh winter. The Heatweaver lining maximises the amount of warm air held close to the skin to ensure your fingers do not get chilly.

Their outer layer is Heat Holders own specially developed yarn which is a high performance insulator which keeps the warm air in and the cold away. This is also while having superior moisture breathing abilities.

Heat Holders Gloves also have an extendable cuff which unfolds to create a protective sleeve that hugs the wrist for a secure fit, ensuring that there is no chilly gap between your wrists and your sleeves, with elasticated ribbing to hold them secure and close to your skin. These features mean that these Gloves have a TOG rating of 2.3 ensuring warmth in the bitter cold of winter.

These Gloves are available in a size Small / Medium and 7 colours to choose from.

Product Details

- Thermal Gloves
- 2.3 tog rating
- Heatweaver lining
- Heat Holder Cuff
- Elasticated Ribbing
- S/M
- 7 Colours
- Thermal Yarn
- Cable Knit
- Extra warm

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