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NIBBLY BITS Silicone Teething Donut Bangle


We love our Donut Bangle, it is perfect for everyday, feels great, is lightweight and even better it makes no noise when walking! If you work a lot at your computer desk you can say bye bye to the clunk and uncomfortable conventional Bangles out there, Nibbly Bits have you covered! You don’t have to be a fashionista mumma to rock this design as we think its perfect for women of all walks!

Heat resistant, doesn’t support mould or bacteria, light weight and metal free! Donut Bangles comes in 10 great colours – which flavor will you choose??

Nibbly Bits Donut Bangles not only look fantastic but are also a non-toxic alternative to regular jewellery. Go from drab to fab simply by adding one of our designs to your collection. No more daggy mums please! – we are here to help you create a modern solution to the age old teething problem whilst also making sure you look fantastic too!

Our bangles are the perfect accessory on the go. Out for a coffee and your little one starts getting restless? Whip off your bangle and there you have it – instant teething device and perfect distraction. You’ll even get to have that coffee HOT!

Bangle measurement is approximately 65mm inside diameter.

Our Donut Bangle Range is safe for your little one as it is made from soft feel BPA, Phthalates and PVC free Silicone and complies with SGS Safety Standards and is FDA approved.


Scarlett Ribbons Red

Silicone Lightweight Teething Donut Bangle

Fair Bianca White



Garnish Green


Jaded Green


Maximus Black


Peptalk Blue


Red Clown


Soft Sun Yellow


Vibrant Orange


Intense Purple

NIBBLY BITS Silicone Teething Donut Bangle


Silicone Lightweight Teething Bean Bangle

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